Primary Blog/Podcast/[TPL] S2E138 - Learning to Relinquish Control

[TPL] S2E138 - Learning to Relinquish Control

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Learning to Relinquish Control

What does it mean to let go of control?

Interesting reading in today's Daily Stoic…

all about a Higher Power…

It talks about the 12-step program and how many people get caught on step 2: acknowledging a higher power…

I will admit, this is one of my greatest challenges with most religions…

giving up control to God…

So this episode is a bit different…

it is me musing about this idea of giving up control of life.

What does it look like to surrender to the happenings of the universe?

Lets all reflect together

… Listen in… #lettinggo #surrender #control #thirdpowerlife

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