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[TPL] S2E142 - Lessons From My Fathers Death

[TPL] S2E140 - What Limitations are You Willing to Live With?

[TPL] S2E139 - Motivation from Children

[TPL] S2E138 - Learning to Relinquish Control

[TPL] S2E137 - Lotto Time: Reawaken Your Inner Dreaming Child!


Hi, I Am Dan Gentry

Life Architect, Author, Coach

Dan Gentry is the Chief Life Architect at Third Power Performance, a life transformational company focused on helping high achievers maximize their potential while maintaining life balance. He takes his 30 years of experience in software and systems development, adds in 20 years in management experience in companies from small local businesses up to Fortune 10 companies, mixes in a lifetime of the study of self-improvement, and finally adds a large pinch of humor to create remarkable experiences for his audiences

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